My Pregnancy Kit


1. One A Day Women’s Prenatal with DHA: to help keep you and your baby healthy. Prenatal Vitamins are crucial, they help reduce the risk of some serious infant health problems. Start them at least 3 months before pregnancy and keep taking them during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. A decent prenatal should contain primarily 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid, 250 mg of Calcium, 30 mg of Iron and other important nutrients like with Omega-3, zinc, manganese, iodine and vitamin B6.

2. Rejuvahealth Sheer Dot Knee-Highs: to help prevent your beautiful legs and feet from swelling (no one wants to have prego-Kardashian feet!), and to keep your varicose veins from getting worse. Combine fashion & comfort with some cute knee-highs offering subtle support.

3. Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil: to help you avoid the appearance of stretch marks or make them less visible. To be used before, during and after pregnancy. I love how this oil keeps my skin moisturized and soft and I’m addicted to the heavenly almond fragrance.

4. City Baby New York: to guide you, new mommy, in the Big Apple. This book is really a must. It covers everything from insider tips, up-to-date statistics on local hospitals and doctors, class offerings for parents and children to a rundown of New York best stores for maternity clothes, baby outfits, toys, books, and more.

5. La Grossesse des Paresseuses (Miss Lasy is Pregnant): to prepare you to all the pregnancy steps with smiles and giggles! Practical pregnancy guide and super fun read in French.

6. Maurice Carême par Domitille: to keep you serene during the inevitable stress and mood swings. I love listening to these children poems written by Maurice Carême (a famous francophone writer of children poetry) and sung in the soothing voice of Domitille. Research suggests that fetuses exposed to classical or calm music show higher levels of mental and emotional intelligence.

7. Nike Oceania Textile Low Blue Sneakers: Start your pregnancy on the right foot by treating your feet well! As winter is approaching, sneakers will be my everyday errand shoes. Keep in mind that later in the pregnancy, feet may grow larger or/and wider so opting for a ½ or a 1 size bigger can help keep the feet more comfortable particularly if your last trimester will be in a hot climate. Walking is one of the safest and most practical exercises you can do throughout your pregnancy and you can couple it with another hobby… for me that usually means nature time in Central Park with my first Bugaboo passenger and the inevitable detour to Madison for some shopping therapy!

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