🍒🍓Sweet🍓🍒 🕊Morning🕊

Adding nature elements and colors to my life makes me feel rejuvenated and refreshed and is one way to put a few more deep exhales back into the daily grind.                           #GoodMorning☀️#SweetMorning #StartTheDayOffOnTheRightNote🎵😊#MakeYoureselfAGoodBreakfast 🍨🍓🍒#LookOnTheBrightSide #NatureTherapy🌿💐#BringTheOutdoorsIn🕊🍃 #ADoseOfNature #GreenTherapy 🌳 #ColourTherapy🌈

Nostalgia in a Crunch 🍏

I wait for those green crunchy plums every single Spring! whether in Montreal, New York, London or Abu Dhabi, I try to look for a Lebanese grocer that brings them from Lebanon during their short season. Each of these mini green spheres is a great dose of nostalgia which transports me back to the tastes of my hometown (remember the scene from Ratatouille where the cynical critic tastes the final dish? Yup that’s what happens to me!). So today I’m crunching into my wild happy childhood, one “Janerik”(sour plum) at a time!