Summer Packing ☀️🎒☀️

#HappySunday #Summer #OnTheWay #PackingParty #GoesOn …                                                                                 For this summer, I am aiming for ➡️ 😎 #cool 😎 👟 #comfortable 👟. Not compromising on comfort while trying to keep a minimum of style, this summer the first items on my packing checklist are 👟👟 my classic trainers that I am looking forward to pair with almost EVERYTHING in my wardrobe, even with that flowy summer dress! #summer #style #challenge 👟👟 👈🏻 thoughts?


Produce Inspo 🍅🍇🍊🌼

Here’s me coming full circle, as just like this one, my very first post was also an ode to the beauty and inspiration of French market produce… Colors, shapes, patterns and textures, inevitably leave me dreaming of possibilities after a trip to a fresh market. Thanks to its abundant variety and creative nuances, I’ll always be a disciple of nature when it comes to taste!    


💐Bloom🌻 and ☀️Shine☀️!

I woke up this morning to the song of Kendji Girac “Les Yeux de La Mama”. It’s no  other than my little daughter running towards my bed with daddy’s iPhone in her tiny hand blasting the music and tilting her head right and left along with the rhythm (and sporadically saying: “Mama!”). It is Mother’s Day in the Middle East today and we’ve been actually celebrating Motherhood since the beginning of this month as it was mum’s day in the UK earlier this month. Middle Easterns started celebrating since and will probably keep it going until the American Mother’s Day in May! Nothing exaggerated in that, we love our moms so much that we praise them on each and every opportunity! (…and we like celebrating!)

Today we also traditionally celebrate the beginning of spring, the blooming season of Nature’s gorgeousness.

It is such a beautiful day rejoicing two splendid life-giving phenomenons and I can’t help but make my OOTD and decor celebrate along!IMG_7379IMG_7389