Potluck Outfit

20150228-183233-66753765.jpg The colors of my look today were inspired by #TheDress saga. It’s blue and black but I won’t judge if you see anything else (if anything I’m quite refreshed to learn we’re not all hardwired exactly the same way!) To finish the look I went for my hubby’s belt and scarf then snatched my daughter’s Petit Bateau umbrella to weather the London rain! PS: A senior British man’s comment cracked me up as I went to buy flowers (see below) this morning… He said as I walked by: “I think you need a new pair of jeans!”


Harmonious vivid colors go straight to my heart… 😍

National Strawberry Day 🍓


Today I want to give a special homage to one of my dearest and prettiest fruits: Strawberries. If it was up to me only, I would have totally called one of my two daughters “Strawberry”, but alas my husband vetoed it with a “What if she wants to run for presidency” statement! (stunned face)

Eat strawberries because they taste great, look even greater (that red!) and carry some of the greatest antioxidants (powerful disease-fighting nutrients). Enjoy fresh organic strawberries all year round and mostly when they are in season (generally late spring) and don’t forget to sprinkle dried strawberries on your whole grain breakfast cereal to make it even more nutritious and use frozen strawberries to make your favorite smoothies and sweet treats!

Happy National Strawberry Day everyone and cheer up spring is coming soon…and so are the strawberry fields!!!

Fav Retro Musts


For my latest OOTN I opted for a retro look focusing on 5 of my favorite retro fashion hits:

(1) Blouse with collar
(2) Midi skirt
(3) Kitten heels + Socks (retro patterned, laced or with a subtle add-on like a bow)
(4) Oversized 60s style (a la Jackie Kennedy) swing coat / of course featuring large buttons
(5) Structured small purse with a top handle

Today’s Harvest

If you want to take a break from Gaudí while in Barcelona but not completely escape the fantasy of his work, why don’t you go to the source of his inspiration… nature! and see what it has to offer: a good place to start is: La Boqueria… at first glance from the Las Ramblas street, La Boqueria seems like yet another produce market, but once I stepped into it, I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling into the rabbit hall and onto an imaginary world where all my culinary fantasies were on creative display, in rich colors and abundance! It’s like a museum of Catalonian culinary tastes had come to life and I was invited… My main challenge though: for the most part, no pictures were allowed (they seem to think they’re a museum too!) but I still managed to get you some!

orange - boqueria

red - boqueria

green 1 - Boqueria

green 2 - boqueria

Immeuble Bizarre!

Much to my surprise my 3 year old was serving as somewhat of an art tourist guide during our latest trip to Barcelona! After our first encounter with a modernist building, she reacted “immeuble bizarre!” (eng. weird building) and since that caught our attention, she then went on to say that everytime she spotted a building she felt was out of the norm and most often that would turn out to be a Gaudí building or another very original modernist building! So when we went this morning to the Sagrada Família I was perhaps more excited to see her reaction to that fantasy of a church than seeing this architectural marvel myself… and I wasn’t disappointed! After we stepped out of the cab, opened the stroller and made sure we grabbed the 200 moving pieces we dangle around with us (e.g. gloves and scarfs we don’t need but just in case…), I finally told her to look up and in an instant her eyes grew wide open and she said “maman maman immeuble TRÈS BIZARRE! with such a sense of accomplishment that she had found that “building” that she might have convinced herself that she made it appear by her dedication to this spot-the-weird-building game! While she was mesmerized by the grandeur of the church, what ultimately captured her imagination was a small ladybug that is sculpted on one of its main door… that ladybug and the curiousness of its presence became the subject of her long monologues and questions afterwards! Today was a very sacred family day at the Sagrada Família…




Silueta de Barcelona

Stylish and unapologetic, Catalonia’s capital captured my imagination from the first day. I really think we’re gonna be very good friends… She dresses her buildings in couture-like detailed designs, juxtaposes them with ultra modern buildings, drizzles the art of a visionary artist here and there and throws in a beach for good measure!













Breakfast at SilhouettEtiquette

It doesn’t take long for London’s elaborate tea time tablescapes to capture a girl’s royal imagination and I was no exception…so much so that I + my 9 month old daughter are hosting our first English breakfast tomorrow morning! It’s doubling as a double playdate for her so we’ll attend to our respective guests! When I’m hosting, I love lining things up and rehearsing the tablescape look the night before… particularly if it’s a breakfast!!! ⏰ This gives me time to tweak and create the fantasy I want my guests to escape to for those few hours where tea, harmony in colors and gossip (don’t worry we’re not talking about you! 😜) are all that matters! Now I’m not sure what her prep plans are, she seems much more relaxed about it all and has gone to bed. She’ll probably have a better glow than me… Perhaps that’s her strategy!😏 Smart baby! Meanwhile my 3 year old knows nothing about it as she’s supposed to be at school at that time but I’m preparing myself for a lot of questions tomorrow morning when she sees my tablescape!