🍊rangey Amalgam

D&G window

I was walking by the D&G store and spotted this fruit trolley featuring a certain orangey fruit and I wasn’t quite able to pin down what to call it! Being a nutritionist, I was alarmed and on a mission to solve my dilemma!

I remembered that I’ve always called any tiny-looking orange, labeled “cutie” in the US and “easy-peeler” in Britain, Clementine. Although I knew some of these “tinies” could also be Mandarin or Tangerine, I was never quite confident which is what! After a couple of investigation trips to my local supermarkets, here is what I gathered and hopefully this will help you tie-up your orangey jargon!

Mandarin, Tangerine and Clementine can all look pretty much similar but each still got some interesting characteristics

Mandarin, Tangerine and Clementine can look pretty similar but each has a unique history & distinctive characteristics

Ultimately though, don’t let those distinctions drive you mad as nutritionally speaking they’re all a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants and rich in soluble fiber, a great cholesterol fighter. After all, despite their unique characteristics, each batch of a given type will taste slightly different as well! So just make sure you get fresh ones and you’re set.

Fruit art in my kitchen

Sunnies et Voilà! 👌

In my day-to-day, I’m a no makeup 🚫 💄 but statement sunglasses type-of-girl 😎 & must confess that I enjoy blending into the overwhelming identity of each of my carefully selected statements… so you may find me acting slightly differently depending on the pair I’m wearing! 😜 What I love most about statement sunnies though is that they look even more decadent the more dressed down you are, which frankly works very well for me these days juggling the bambina and the tot… While I might not be ballroom dancing my way through my daily errands, I definitely get a boost knowing that I’m sporting sunglasses in my quotidian that can compete pretty well in a masked ball!


Pink Attraction 👅

I think my ballerinas have found their car!

Pink Attraction

P.S.   When I asked my editor (i.e. my 3 year old daughter 😜) what she thought of the photo, she said: “Mais où est donc ta tête maman?!” eng. “But where has your head gone mommy?!” Not sure if she meant that literary or metaphorically! 😳

#LaVéritéSortDeLaBoucheDesEnfants #DontTakeLifeTooSeriously 😂

UPDATED (by popular demand): here’s the front! 👅👅


Nice Wild Rice

Wild Rice

Despite its name, wild rice is not at all rice but a different grain harvested from aquatic grasses which were historically naturally grown (hence the “wild”) in Canada and the US, but more recently they have also been cultivated in those countries.

Wild rice is a great delicacy enriching monotonous recipes with flavor, fragrance, color and texture such as in salads, soups and pies or mixed with white/brown rice as a side dish. It is lighter in calories than both white and brown rice but higher in protein and fiber. So just go wild with your culinary imagination and start incorporating this healthy grain alternative!

Wild rice was on my menu this week, perfectly complementing with its nutty taste my favorite winter stew (spinach with beef, rice on the side) and the family loved it. I was super excited when my daughter welcomed the dish in her lunchbox AND asked for “Épinard avec riz SAUVAGE” for dinner this evening: 3rd dinner in a row, that’s a first! (I usually cook in a batch so we normally eat from the same recipe for 2-3 days) To be honest though I think the branding might have had something to do with it as she has been as of late cultivating a fascination with imaginary stories involving the wild! Those mainly revolve around made up stories, which involve a wolf, a witch, a monster, or a half-monster-half-wolf (that’s a double dip in wild!) so knowing her keen imagination she was probably thinking of this edible peace of “wild” as an invitation for her to get a taste of that imaginary world!