Morning Alert: Do Not Skip Your SPF

Not so Etiquette of me, I decided to break my morning ritual for a day and ditch my daily SPF 30 cream thinking UV wouldn’t attack my skin if I’m going in and out running errands in a mostly cloudy day in London. Well, my face (see below) proved me wrong! I should have at least put my SPF 15 foundation!

Alert: Clouds DO NOT block out sun’s UV! Protect your naked skin from wrinkles and skin cancer by wearing a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 for activities involving sporadic sun exposure (eg. shopping in and out of stores…) and a sunscreen with a SPF 30 or stronger if you spend a lot of time outdoors (eg. day in the park).



Lesson of the day


Always wear your SPF!

☀ First Day of Summer ☀

Yesterday was Summer’s official kick-off and London did not disappoint! Parks drizzled with sunbathers, pub terraces packed, sunnies and hats competing in size and funkiness (yes hats! it’s London people & the Royal Ascot mood is spilling onto the streets!) and fashionistas out and about in their flashiest colors and shortest outfits… For my first day, I kept it relatively under control and left it for my neon accessories to shout: “Welcome sunny time! it’s about time!”

first day of summer

mommies secret: buttoned tops are ideal for urban breastfeeding / easy access on-the-go!

of course soon that control will have to let go bit by bit as I inch my way closer to a beach… here’s a flashback of how I embraced the spirit in St. Tropez last sunny season…

photo 1-21

st. tropez

Today’s Accomplishment

”Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities” -Robert H.Schuller

A Walk in the Park

Preparation time: 3 hours


A worn out mommy

A toddler acting like a baby

A 24/7 hungry-poopy baby


Promenade duration: 5 minutes

Today’s accomplishments are tomorrow’s impossibilities!!!




Street Styling: Afterthoughts & New Territory !

Dear NYC,

I’ll miss you in all your flavors! Thank you for being such an ideal ground for my sport…


My cosy neighborhood

providing dramatic backdrops and inspiration… from your UES sophistication to your village edge…

The Brompton

HOME… sniff sniff

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park… the “I can’t believe I walked all the way down here” feeling



3rd Ave… you’ve served me well but scraped my red soles!

central park picnic

CENTRAL PARK: HAVEN/ HEAVEN… of course made even more blissful by amazing friends…

Autumn in New York

5th Ave / the break before the BG splurge…

Speechlessly grateful but still kinda mad about that polar vortex!


“Can’t we just stay home?”

With love,

SilhouettEtiquette xoxo

Now trend seekers, let’s unravel the royal streets of London together…umbrella in hand!

London first