Burst of Antioxidants


As I shopped this morning through the produce section of my neighborhood’s market I saw these fresh bursting red pomegranates and my taste buds started a dance! I can’t wait to introduce my little girl to this juicy mosaic so we can become pom-buddies! Pomegranates rush you burst-by-burst into a heavenly state of mind. In fact, the pomegranate is an ancient fruit mentioned in almost every religion symbolizing various positive concepts and has also historically appeared in art and medicine for centuries. Today there’s a renewed focus on researching and studying the health benefits of this fruit and the juice made from its seeds and white membrane (an even higher source of antioxidants), especially in the western world where it’s still an exotic and relatively unknown fruit in opposition to the Middle East and some Mediterranean regions where it’s taken for granted for cultivation reasons. By virtue of its antioxidant richness, the pomegranate is considered very healthy for the heart and an anticancer food. It’s also a good source of Dietary Fiber and Folate and a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. In season starting September to February, you can indulge in these sweet and tart little red gems full of juice, nutrients and energy!

PG Safe Mani-Pedi

photo-24Ladies, you don’t have to skip this feel and look-good activity while you’re pregnant. Get your usual Mani-Pedi at the nail bar by following those simple safety tips :

1.Make sure there’s proper ventilation in the nail salon as fumes might be unsafe to inhale.

2.Make sure the tools being used have been sterilized or even better bring your own nail kit.

3.Avoid  having your cuticles cut to reduce risks of infections.

4.Use “3-free” nail polishes : Free from 3 toxic chemicals DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde that cause serious complications in fetus. Popular brands OPI, Sally Hansen and Essie are 3-free.

I Say Tomato!

Marché aux Fleurs, Cours Saleya, Nice, France - July 2013

Marché aux Fleurs, Cours Saleya, Nice, France – July 2013

It’s pomodoro season and nothing tastes better than a fresh juicy tomato on a hot july day! Tomato is a fruit considered a veggie mainly for it’s culinary use. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, mainly vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid and potassium. Rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, it’s a cancer-fighting SUPER superfood!
This is the best time to hit your local market and get some fresh shiny tomatoes for a citrus tabbouleh, a delicious Caprese, a rich homemade tomato sauce or simply for a tasty cherry tomato afternoon snack…
p.s.Royal baby is here, “I say tomahto”!