Provence 🍒🇫🇷 to Portofino ⛵️🇮🇹 via St Tropez 👙

My Provence lavender hunt obsession led me to the Abbaye de Sénanque and while the lavender wasn’t in full bloom, the setting was still picturesque…


Provence is not just about vinyards & purple love, its palette is rich in colors and I particulaly ❤️ this red hot cherry 🍒 tree! so much that I actually fell into a ditch (and broke my phone’s screen 😡) as I was trying to capture its beauty!

Gordes… Gorgeous!


Couldn’t resist sharing this with my little ones so it was time for a quick Skype!


Here’s me practicing my favorite St Tropez passtime: people watching! 😝


The next day it was time to drive off to Italy but not before we stopped @ a random beach near St Tropez where tanners of all ages seemed to take issue with the idea of a swimsuit!


 And we finally arrived in Italia 🇮🇹…


After a long drive it was Pesto time in Portofino ! 🇮🇹


Nature’s splendid beauty was drawing me to it and away from all stress…


Flowers 🌸 & Trees 🌴 in magical harmony…


Lemon trees 🍋 & jasmine … a perfect blend of sents!


Piscina & mare

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸a fitting entrance to the Spa (which I desperately needed to end my day) 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸


360° d’Inspiration 🇫🇷

In Paris & Fontainebleau the setting is perfect to inspire you for your next design project, from the colors to the patterns to the unexpected combinations, the artistic frames you’ll unexpectedly find yourself immersed in will constantly defy your expectations of what has been possible (even centuries ago!) and stir up in you ideas of what can be…

Looking down…

Looking up… 

Left, right and center…!


…and then some more in the details of the walls and the fabric…!

Produce Inspo 🍅🍇🍊🌼

Here’s me coming full circle, as just like this one, my very first post was also an ode to the beauty and inspiration of French market produce… Colors, shapes, patterns and textures, inevitably leave me dreaming of possibilities after a trip to a fresh market. Thanks to its abundant variety and creative nuances, I’ll always be a disciple of nature when it comes to taste!    


Pick a Parenting Style

Here are a couple of parenting books I greatly enjoyed:

Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua (disponible en francais: L’hymne de la bataille de la mère Tigre par Amy Chua)

China is on the rise! Not only economically but culturally. We are moving into a world where Western parents are enrolling their kids in mandarin classes at the age of 2, schools in New York are offering frequent cultural immersion trips to China and Western moms also want to know how Chinese moms raise their kids!

Here is a great book by a Chinese, westernized (2nd generation in America) mom caught between two cultures as she tries to raise her two daughters on rigid Chinese principles in America. It is inspiring at times, shocking at times and “lol” funny at others!

To associate with the story it’s ideal to read this book when your kids are at school age.

Funny quote from the book:

“Stop it Mommy. Just stop it.” [Lulu / the daughter]

“Lulu, I didn’t say anything,” I [the mom] replied. “I didn’t say one word.”

“Your brain is annoying me,” Lulu said. “I know what you’re thinking.” [Lulu]

bringing up bebe

Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting by Pamela Druckerman (disponible en francais: Bébé made in France. Quels sont les secrets de notre éducation)

This book is another insightful mommy memoir. The story is set in Paris where an American journalist becomes a mom and discovers that French parenting is as great as French Couture and French Cheese! It’s very witty and awakening!

To associate with the story or take advantage of the advice given, it’s ideal to read this book if you’re expecting a baby or you’re a new mom.

Passages from the book:

“These books can be useful to people who lack confidence, but I don’t think you can raise a child while reading a book. You have to go with your feeling,” one Parisian mother said.

“Having a baby who sleeps through the night early on seems to be the norm in France. Just as stories of terrible sleepers are easy to find among the Americans, stories of spectacular sleepers are easy to find among the French.”

I Say Tomato!

Marché aux Fleurs, Cours Saleya, Nice, France - July 2013

Marché aux Fleurs, Cours Saleya, Nice, France – July 2013

It’s pomodoro season and nothing tastes better than a fresh juicy tomato on a hot july day! Tomato is a fruit considered a veggie mainly for it’s culinary use. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, mainly vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid and potassium. Rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, it’s a cancer-fighting SUPER superfood!
This is the best time to hit your local market and get some fresh shiny tomatoes for a citrus tabbouleh, a delicious Caprese, a rich homemade tomato sauce or simply for a tasty cherry tomato afternoon snack…
p.s.Royal baby is here, “I say tomahto”!