Breakfast at SilhouettEtiquette

It doesn’t take long for London’s elaborate tea time tablescapes to capture a girl’s royal imagination and I was no exception…so much so that I + my 9 month old daughter are hosting our first English breakfast tomorrow morning! It’s doubling as a double playdate for her so we’ll attend to our respective guests! When I’m hosting, I love lining things up and rehearsing the tablescape look the night before… particularly if it’s a breakfast!!! ⏰ This gives me time to tweak and create the fantasy I want my guests to escape to for those few hours where tea, harmony in colors and gossip (don’t worry we’re not talking about you! 😜) are all that matters! Now I’m not sure what her prep plans are, she seems much more relaxed about it all and has gone to bed. She’ll probably have a better glow than me… Perhaps that’s her strategy!😏 Smart baby! Meanwhile my 3 year old knows nothing about it as she’s supposed to be at school at that time but I’m preparing myself for a lot of questions tomorrow morning when she sees my tablescape!


Art on Fabric


From floral, to impressionism, to nature, to architecture, to fantasy… the trend is all about astonishing, well detailed and beautifully crafted prints. Wear a piece of art!


Landscape by Antonio Marras


Architecture and floral by Dolce & Gabbana

photo 4-4

Rural scene and cottage life by Orzosia

photo 3-6

Architecture and floral by Dolce & Gabbana

photo 1-7

Nature/Garden scene by Mary Katrantzou

photo 1-8

Floral/Still life by Paul & Joe Sister


Skyline/City scene by We Are Handsome

photo 3-7

Impressionism by RED Valentino