Crazy Cravings!

cotton candyPregnancy hormones are bringing out the worst in me! Euhhh, let’s just stick to food here! While I thought junk food is something I had by now fully defeated and my body has fully detoxified itself from all the residues of my juvenile consumption, much to my surprise I discover that my unrefined kidlike sweet tooth is making a comeback right at the most sensitive time when I should be feeding myself and my infant some real food! I can’t believe that the other day I was walking down the street with a bag of sour jelly strings while strolling my daughter, and discretely munching on these rainbow colored gelatins hoping that no other passing mama sees me and gives me the look! I hoped it would stop there, but it didn’t! A couple of days later, while I was running after my daughter in the park, I saw a cotton candy vendor passing and again my hormones sprung into a “ding ding” musical! The worst part this time is that I couldn’t hide that from my daughter, whose eyes bulged out at the sight of the bright pink candy!

While I found that repressing my cravings is not the solution but is more often counter effective, I decided to accomodate my body’s wishes. So when a bad craving strikes, if a healthier option wouldn’t satiate, I decided to go ahead and enjoy the food I craved but in a small amount. For example, according to my rule, one bite of that cotton candy would have been more than satisfactory. Now practice and scheme can differ a bit but it’s important to have a plan!

Here are some healthier snacks when you feel like something

  • Crunchy: rice cakes; toasted whole-wheat pita bread; unsalted nuts or sunflower seeds; low-fat popcorn; whole-grain crackers; unsalted whole-grain pretzels; trail mix and raw crunchy veggies like celery.
  • Creamy: low-fat ice cream; low-fat vanilla coffee; low-fat flavored yogurt; and yogurt and fruit smoothie
  • Chocolaty: dark chocolate bite; dark chocolate-dipped strawberries, banana or dried fruits; low-fat versions of: chocolate pudding, frozen fudge bar, hot chocolate milk and banana frappe
  • Sweet: fruit jam with no added sugar; honey; frozen pops with 100% juice; sorbet; dried fruits or fruits like grapes; and melon

Don’t forget to keep the portion small!

Lemon and Salt Craving


The vendor down the street must think I opened a lemonade business or I’m doing some crazy daily lemonade detox! I usually love sour food such as citrus fruits, pickles, sour vinegars and molasses and sour candies, but I never thought I could peel and eat 2 to 3 fresh whole lemons all at once without a single grimace (I’m sure you’re frowning just at reading this) daily! A week ago, I started this lemon snack crave. So randomly throughout the day I bite and munch into pieces of lemon generously sprinkled with salt and I strangely enjoy the experience! It’s an elixir to my “morning” sickness that strangely never occurs in the morning by the way! Instead, it only kicks off towards the end of the day.

If you’re pregnant and you’re having a lemon & salt craving, here are some facts.


  • Lemon smell helps ease pregnancy nausea.
  • The juice of a lemon alleviates dry mouth and helps prevent dehydration when water is harder to gulp.
  • This snack is zero in fat and very low glycemic while providing many important nutrients. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, is rich in fiber and a good source of other vitamins and minerals like B-complex vitamins and Calcium.
  • I’m usually an anti-salt foodie and campaigner because sodium can rise blood pressure and lead to serious heart diseases. However,  in general during the early months of pregnancy, the circulatory system expands rapidly so blood pressure is likely to drop. So adding a little salt from time to time might not be too bad.


  • During pregnancy, many women suffer from heartburn and digestive problems. The excessive acidity in lemons may trigger or exacerbate these symptoms.
  • Help!! Teeth sensitivity!! Also citric acid may damage the enamel of your teeth.

Bottom line, you should always listen to your body and follow its signals. Cravings are sometimes signals of your body’s needs!