After-🎉party🎉 👙

 Some fashion highlight from yesterday’s party celebrating my little girl turning 5: 🎉 Confetti🎉 💅🏻 mani/pedi inspired from the birthday girl’s penchant to a ✨ glitter ✨-intense-vivid 🌈 color 🌈 combo! that gives the right dose of sparkle to an after-party Sunday at the pool 🎉 💅🏻🎉 

🌞 My Summer 🏄🏼 Nest 🌇

Beirut 🇱🇧 the city of great contrasts⚪️⚫️, contradictions➡️⬅️, mezes🍛🍢🍲🍅, hairstylists 💇🏻💇🏼and fashion designers 👗 is the perfect place to get inspired & to try out the old and the new… I’m loving sporting my oriental looks 👳🏻 at the top of its modern skies while catching up on the latest summer 🌞 hit songs 🎶 & reads 📚!