National Strawberry Day 🍓


Today I want to give a special homage to one of my dearest and prettiest fruits: Strawberries. If it was up to me only, I would have totally called one of my two daughters “Strawberry”, but alas my husband vetoed it with a “What if she wants to run for presidency” statement! (stunned face)

Eat strawberries because they taste great, look even greater (that red!) and carry some of the greatest antioxidants (powerful disease-fighting nutrients). Enjoy fresh organic strawberries all year round and mostly when they are in season (generally late spring) and don’t forget to sprinkle dried strawberries on your whole grain breakfast cereal to make it even more nutritious and use frozen strawberries to make your favorite smoothies and sweet treats!

Happy National Strawberry Day everyone and cheer up spring is coming soon…and so are the strawberry fields!!!

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